The latest on the 2020 election: Live updates –

Vice President Mike Pence speaks at a campaign rally at TYR Tactical Thursday, October 8, in Peoria, Arizona.
Vice President Mike Pence speaks at a campaign rally at TYR Tactical Thursday, October 8, in Peoria, Arizona. Ross D. Franklin/AP

Vice President Mike Pence is en route back to Washington, DC, tonight after canceling plans at the last minute to travel to Indianapolis where he was set to cast his ballot for the 2020 election on Friday.

In Washington, President Trump has remained behind closed doors since his return to the White House from Walter Reed National Military Medical Center on Monday. Aides have gone to great pains to describe him as back to his old self, and fully carrying out the duties of the office — despite having been hospitalized for the virus. They say he has shown up to work in the Oval Office both Wednesday and Thursday, but reporters have not laid eyes on him since his return on Monday.

Trump did, however, phone in to a FOX show Thursday morning, and discussed a myriad of issues. On his health, he said he does not have diabetes, and lied about not having heart problems. CNN has reported that Trump has a medical history of heart disease.

“I’m back because I’m a perfect physical specimen and I’m extremely young,” he deadpanned.

Trump continued, “And so I’m lucky in that way. And I don’t have any — I don’t have heart problems, I don’t have diabetes, I don’t have any of the problems that you read about, perhaps a couple of pounds, we could lose here or there, but, you know, there’s a lot of people in that category. But now I’m in good health.”

In a series of videos released by the White House, Trump sounded upbeat but seemed at moments to have strained breathing. He also wore heavy makeup but no mask. The videos, taped Wednesday, appeared lightly edited.

Thursday evening the White House released a memo from Trump’s physician Dr. Sean Conley who wrote that Trump “has completed his course of therapy for COVID-19 as prescribed by his team of physicians.” 

Conley writes that the President’s physical exams have “remained stable and devoid of any indications to suggest progression of illness.”

“Overall he’s responded extremely well to treatment, without evidence on examination of adverse therapeutic effects,” the memo states. 

Conley also notes that Saturday will be 10 days since Trump’s diagnosis and based on the trajectory of diagnostics the team of physicians has run on the President, he fully anticipates Trump’s “safe return to public engagements at that time.”

Of note, the memo still does not say when the President’s last negative test before the positive test occurred. It also does not say if he has tested negative since or if he’s still considered contagious.

The White House has held no formal briefings on the President’s condition since his return to the White House, and his doctors have not appeared before reporters since Monday at Walter Reed before his discharge. 

The vice president’s spokesperson Devin O’Malley told reporters in Arizona before leaving that Pence’s sudden schedule change had nothing to do with Covid-19 or anyone in the VP’s travel party getting sick. He said there are “no positive” tests and the vice president plans to pick back travel on Saturday with a trip to Florida, and then in earnest at the start of next week.

“Nobody’s sick. There’s no positive tests. The VP is planning on traveling on Saturday and Monday. We’ll have more information on the vice president’s schedule next week soon.” However, O’Malley would not specifically say why Pence decided to change his plans.

Trump is also scheduled to phone in to another friendly TV show host Thursday evening — “Hannity.”