Tanzania: Why Tanzanians Take Pride in Covid-19 Fight, Tourism Boom

AS countries across the globe continue battling coronavirus, Tanzania has continued being free from the pandemic with its citizens doing their daily businesses.

This is the result of prudent decisions taken by the government during this trying moment of Covid-19.

It is from this backdrop that President John Magufuli made an appeal to Tanzanians to continue thanking God for freeing the country from the pathogen which is still claiming the lives of many people in various parts of the world.

The Head of State made the appeal while delivering a Christmas message to the nation after attending Holy Mass at Mary Immaculate Parish Church in Chamwino District in Dodoma last week.

President Magufuli said it was only by God’s grace that Tanzanians managed to overcome the Covid-19 pandemic amidst the trying moment for which the rest of the world was passing through.

He urged other world leaders to put God in the forefront in the fight against Covid-19 instead of focusing only on scientific approaches.

Apart from asking Tanzanians to keep on praying to God, Dr Magufuli also advised to utilise this opportunity of being a Covi-19 free country to work hard to bring about economic development and growth.

Being a Covid-19 free country is an important opportunity to make more efforts to revive the sector of tourism that was hit hard by the pandemic, by attracting more tourists to come and visit the country.

Tanzania reopened its airspace for international passenger flights on June 1, this year, after a 3-month stint of Covid-19, becoming the pioneer country in East Africa to welcome tourists to visit tourist attractions.

After declaring the victory against the deadly global pandemic, the number of tourists arriving in the country has been increasing, with regional and international airlines resuming their operations in the country.

The government’s efforts to penetrate Chinese tourism market to attract and increase the number of tourists in the country need to be strengthened to revive the sector’s contribution to the economy.

Unlocking the huge tourism potential in the Chinese and other Asian countries during this time of the pandemic will complement the efforts to penetrate further and attract more tourists from the traditional western tourism market.

Therefore, it is important that Tanzanians continue to support their government to revive the tourism sector and enhance its contribution to economic growth.

This is due to the fact that, Tanzania has plenty of national parks and game reserves with the unique fauna and flora.