Star Trek Short Treks season 2 free to stream until end of August – CNET

Star Trek: Short Treks

Anson Mount appears as Captain Pike in Short Treks.

Michael Gibson/CBS

Some delightful little slices of the Star Trek universe will be free to watch until the end of August. 

CBS All Access announced Monday that all six episodes of the second season of Short Treks will be available to stream through, the CBS mobile app and YouTube. (Disclosure: ViacomCBS is CNET’s parent company.)

The release comes in celebration of Short Treks’ Emmy nomination in the category of Outstanding Short Form Comedy or Drama Series. The episodes are stocked with both comedy and drama.

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The visual effects behind this animated Star Trek short


The second round of Short Treks features a diverse array of stories, from an animated tale of a tardigrade mom to a dive into the childhood of Discovery’s lead character Michael Burnham. Tribble fans will delight in The Trouble with Edward, a dark and funny take on the classic fuzzball aliens.

Some of the episodes tie into recent Star Trek seasons for Discovery and Picard, filling in bits of backstory for those shows. Catch them while you can. They will go back to subscription-only after Aug. 31.