Spotify comes to the Epic Games Store – CNET


Angela Lang/CNET

The Epic Games Store is now offering more than just video games. Initially created as an online games marketplace to rival Valve’s Steam, the Epic Games Store will now let you download Spotify, the popular music streaming app. 

Spotify is a free download, just as it is on other platforms like the app stores for iPhones and Androids. You can pay a subscription cost for commercial-free music. 

This is the first app offered in the Epic Games Store that isn’t a video game, which could signal that the company is expanding the scope of its digital retailer. Epic is best known for Fortnite, a game that features large online multiplayer battle royales. The Epic Game Store offers more than just Epic’s own games. 

The company recently battled with Apple over payment issues in the tech giant’s App store, causing Apple to remove Fortnite from the store.