NBA finals 2020 Game 6: Los Angeles Lakers v Miami Heat – live! – The Guardian

9.41pm EDT21:41

at 9.41pm EDT

9.32pm EDT21:32

End of third quarter: Los Angeles 87-58 Miami

9.23pm EDT21:23

9.16pm EDT21:16

9.09pm EDT21:09

8.59pm EDT20:59

8.48pm EDT20:48

Half-time: Los Angeles 58-34 Miami

8.46pm EDT20:46

8.45pm EDT20:45

8.40pm EDT20:40

8.38pm EDT20:38

8.33pm EDT20:33

8.20pm EDT20:20

8.15pm EDT20:15

End of first quarter: Los Angeles 28-20 Miami

8.05pm EDT20:05

8.01pm EDT20:01

7.52pm EDT19:52

at 7.53pm EDT

7.41pm EDT19:41

at 7.41pm EDT

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