Miley Cyrus Celebrates Hannah Montana Anniversary With Heartfelt Note to Her Character – E! NEWS

For Miley Cyrus, starring as a pop star in disguise on Disney Channel’s Hannah Montana was a dream come true.

The star took to Twitter on March 24 to honor the show’s 15th anniversary by writing a lengthy letter to Hannah Montana, the pop star alter-ego of her character “Miley Stewart.” 

The Plastic Hearts artist wrote, “Although you are considered to be an ‘alter-ego’ in reality there was a time in my life when you held more of my identity in your glove than I did in my bare hands. We had an equal exchange in which you provided me with a superlative amount of fame in return to the anonymity I could gift to you. But, a lot has changed since then. You were a rocket that flew me to the moon and never brought me back down. I couldn’t have imagined when taping myself singing ‘I Love Rock n’ Roll’ against a white wall in my mom’s friend’s kitchen on the front of a first draft script would make my wildest dreams a reality. You and I have been through it all, my friend.”