Labor commissioner: Look for work or risk losing unemployment benefits – Atlanta Journal Constitution

Those who don’t could be disqualified from receiving more help, he said.

“We are hearing from employers that are struggling to meet demand right now due to the lack of applicants for open positions,” Butler said.

“I hear every day from employers who have been forced to reduce business hours, refuse large deliveries and turn down economic opportunities due to the simple fact that they did not have the staff to support them,” he said.

Nationally, the number of initial unemployment claims was 498,000, a decrease of 92,000. The number of weekly jobless claims has declined from a peak of 900,000 in January as employers have ramped up hiring, consumers are spending more, and the economy gains momentum.

The Georgia Department of Labor said sectors with the most new unemployment claims include accommodation and food Services, 6,224; administrative and support services, 2,083; manufacturing, 1,755; retail 1,317; and health care, 1,200.

The department has processed 4,745,554 unemployment claims since March 2020 and paid more than $21.2 billion in state and federal benefits.