Gonzaga’s Unforgettable Shot: Bank Shot Buzzer-Beater Sinks UCLA, Saves Perfect Season – The Wall Street Journal

Now that is what it’s all about. That. Those final 3 seconds of Gonzaga-UCLA, or really, all of it, because it was an exquisite basketball game, back and forth, forth and back, much better than anyone expected, and now this shot—a 40-foot bank shot, not far from mid-court, Lordy! — elevated it into something even greater, an all-timer, a game you’ll remember as long as you breathe. 

Really. I know that sounds like the sort of overcooked hyperbole blowhards like to say after watching a phenomenal last-second, game-winning, championship-qualifying shot, but I’m afraid this blowharding might actually be true.

It was that good. Watch it now if you didn’t watch it before. I’ll wait right here. 

Did you yell in your TV room? Of course you yelled. The yell sounded different in Westwood. It sounded different up in Spokane. But it was a yell.